A Revolutionary New Kind of Santa School -

In-depth training on each critical aspect of developing a Santa/Mrs.Claus business & professionally portraying the beloved characters.

Course includes an optional section:  an On-The-Job PAID training opportunity for the new Santa to go on events with an experienced Mrs.Claus to assist on Santa's first ventures.  Or, for the new Mrs.Claus,  an experienced elf will assist Mrs.Claus on her first events!



1st 2020 Santa/Mrs. Claus class being held in the Atlanta area: 

Date & Time: Sunday, February 2, 2020, 1-5PM 

Location: 2950 Buford Highway, Cumming, Ga 30041

1st 2020 Santa/Mrs. Claus class being held in the Orlando area: 

Date & Time: Sunday, February 9, 2020, 1-5PM 

Location: 4921 S.US Hwy 17/92, Casselberry, Fl  32707


A COMPREHENSIVE CLASS ON EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF BEING SANTA OR MRS.CLAUS.   The Business of Being Santa/Mrs.Claus covers everything from advertising & finding the event to consummating the transaction - it includes the groundwork of generalities of all businesses, proven prospecting techniques, creating & making the presentation to the client & closing for the booking - with retainer (not deposit), contract, & photo release signed!   


Specifics On the Revolutionary New Kind of Santa School


Details On Services

 Whether you're so new you are wondering if you should even do this, or if you've been a professional Santa for decades, a Revolutionary New Kind of Santa School has something for you!  Email with questions like what's in it for you? Or to request a special session on a topic of your interest, or to register for the next session! What a wonderful 2019 learning season we had! Modules in the detailed A-Z curriculum for being a professional Christmas performer & the Specialty Sessions for Seasoned Santas proved the need for these detailed classes! It is quite obvious a one or 2 hour class, as is the norm in Santa schools now, simply cannot give the detailed teaching a half day session on one topic gives!  All classes come with one-on-one personal coaching after the class!!  THAT'S not out there anywhere in the cost of any tuition at a conventional Santa school! 


Upcoming Events

 The first of the 2020 classes of Specialty Sessions for Seasoned Santas & the sessions covering everything from A-Z for Being a Professional Christmas Performer have recently been scheduled for the Atlanta and Orlando areas. 


1st 2020 Santa/Mrs. Claus class being held in the Atlanta area: 

Date & Time: Sunday, February 2, 2020, 1-5PM 

Location: 2950 Buford Highway, Cumming, Ga 30041

1st 2020 Santa/Mrs. Claus class being held in the Orlando area: 

Date & Time: Sunday, February 9, 2020, 1-5PM 

Location: 4921 S.US Hwy 17/92, Casselberry, Fl  32707

The A-Z sessions for new, nearly new Christmas performers & those desiring in-depth training are divided into five (5) modules, all of which you can attend, or pick & choose which one(s) you'd like to attend.  Note: should you choose to skip the Logistics module, before you will be permitted to participate in the Earn As You Learn, On The Job Training portion where you are paid to go on events with an experienced Mrs.Claus (or Elf, if the trainees are Santa & Mrs. Claus or Mrs. Claus alone) who trains literally "On-The-Job", will be required to provide background check, entertainers insurance, ICA, W9, & resume with photos as covered in the Logistic module.

 The modules in the A-Z training are as follows: 

Module 1: The Business of Being Santa/Mrs.Claus 

Module 2: Portraying Santa/Mrs.Claus 

Module 3: Different Types of Venues 

Module 4: Logistics 

Module 5: Pre-Season Prep

The Specialty Sessions taught in 2019 gave a working knowledge of Sign Language for the Christmas performer. Role Play & storytelling in sign language was learned & practiced! THE FORMAT WAS SO WILDLY SUCCESSFUL THAT OTHER SCHOOLS IN THE ATLANTA AREA HAVE NOW COPIED THE FORMAT & ARE INCORPORATING IT INTO THEIR CURRICULUMS NOW AS WELL! The final Sign Language Class of 2019 was held in October in the Atlanta area.  Specialty Sessions will begin scheduling in Atlanta & Orlando shortly.

With all classes, an additional fee may be required at the door for walk-ins not previously registered & paid, if room allows for walk-ins, and we reserve the right to deny any registration for any reason.   2020 sessions are on Sunday afternoon, 1PM - 5PM.  

Testimonials Available Upon Request

 Just email if you'd like to hear from an OJT Graduate from 2018 or 2019, or from a client who hired a 2018 or 2019 student-Santa! 


 An introductory price was offered in it's first year to introduce this Revolutionary New Kind of Santa School!   The amazing introductory offer is now gone, but pricing is still well below any other school out there & a tremendous value for a small investment of just $60/class. (Special husband & wife pricing of $100/per couple per class available.) 

Newsworthy To Be Shared

 Your Instructor Extraordinaire has been elected as the first female in history anywhere in the world to be voted in as President of a Santa Organization, & one of the oldest & largest Santa organizations in the Southeast United States!  You will be learning from the best, an international trainer & a proven ground-breaker instructor! 

Q & A

Q: Where are sessions conducted? 

A: Atlanta, Ga & Orlando, Fl -  Atlanta area class location & Orlando area class location listed above

Q: What is the cost? 

A: Sessions are priced at the unbelievably low fee of just $60 /class ($100/married couple)

Q: How do I register? 

A: Simply email us from the bottom of the page below with which class you are registering for

Q: How do I pay? 

A: Use the "Pay Here" button at the very bottom of the page below the email form 

Q: How to I hire a Santa or Mrs. Claus? 

A: Simply email us from the contact email form at the bottom of the page & tell us your event details.  We will reply promptly! 

Newer Santas or Seasoned Santas desiring In-Depth training



 INSTEAD of trying to take a drink of water from a FIRE HOSE, which, admittedly, is the normal Santa school workshop curriculum up until now - usually from 2 to 5 ALL DAY sessions - with hotel cost, meals, etc., not to mention the high cost of the school tuition itself for Santa & Mrs.Claus.....  


Learn at your Own Pace!

 Apply what you learn from the curriculum specific topics that appeal to you & you have chosen to take, in a step-by-step process until the Season is here, & THEN....   



 An event will be prospected for, contracted for, & all you do is show up & experience it, learning from an experienced Mrs.Claus (or Elf if the trainees are a Santa & Mrs.Claus couple, or Mrs.Claus alone) on what to say & do each step of the way! Leave the event further educated......having experienced the event without the pressure of being on your own...AND GET PAID ...instead of you doing the paying for the learning! 



Alone or with Santa

Mrs.B. Claus has been supporting Santa's visits & events for well over a decade now, from Coast to Coast in the United States, while bringing the magic of Christmas to thousands personally herself.  Her session on Professionally Portraying Santa/Mrs. Claus covers everything from appearance & wardrobe to how to get started, creating & developing your backstory, Santa’s Part / Mrs.Claus’ Part, hair, health, make-up, accessories, & why alcohol is good for you!  You won't want to miss her special section on Do’s & Don’ts of the Santa business!   

A Heart To Give

Having been trained as a certified Hospice volunteer, Mrs.B. shares the love of Christmas through that charity, & loves inspiring others to find their special calling to give back somehow, too!  Her Five (5) Module series of everything from A-Z of becoming a professional Christmas performer is taught straight from the heart, & in her Pre Season Prep class, Module #5, not a detail is spared in getting you ready for the best Season of your career as Santa or Mrs.Claus!  She has painstakingly created an all-inclusive session, including Pre Season Prep From The Kitchen, The Monthly Count Down – What to Avoid, Substitute, & Add, A Magic Elixir to get & keep you well despite all the sneezes & coughs & sick children you will encounter in the Season, Pre Season Physical Prep,. Pre Season Personal Prep, &. Pre Season Practical Prep - with all the details of each!    

Background & Experience Counts

From Tea & Talks with Mrs.Claus to her cookie decorating private home visits or Elf On A Shelf deliveries & everything in between, Mrs.B. knows how to make the event alone or the Santa & Mrs.Claus visit most memorable! She knows how to assist Santa with all the many details of every kind of event from Corporate functions & retail to restaurant work & Christmas in July.  AND she is able to teach seasoned & prospective Santas & Mrs.Clauses to do the same! 

 In her session on Different Types of Venues, she covers the only 3 things needed to make every event great, questions asked of Santa & Mrs. Claus, preparing for the event, getting the right information for the event, generalities of the Jobs as well as specifics of the Job, who do you really work for, Christmas for ALL Children including those with special needs, different Venues, & how to have an absolutely perfect event .  And you thought a venues class wouldn't have much to cover!  

A True Entrepreneur

 Whether you're a Santa, Mrs.Claus, Elf, or helper in the process of building a dynamic Santa/Mrs.Claus business, don't miss her internationally acclaimed superior selling skills class.  Her sessions on The Business of Being Santa/Mrs.Claus & Logistics cover everything from advertising & finding the event to consummating the transaction, & every aspect in-between!  They include the groundwork of generalities of all businesses, a simple method for creating your very own personal business plan, mission statement & budget, insurance & tax ramifications of the industry, different proven prospecting techniques, creating & making the presentation to the client, & closing for the booking - with retainer, contract, & photo release signed!  

International Recognition & Unparalleled Business Acumen

 Interviewed on live NPR Radio by talk show host Rose Scott of a "Closer Look", Betty represented Mrs.Clauses everywhere with her dynamic delivery of what Mrs.Claus is, & why she does the magic that she does. You will surely find Mrs.B. inspiring & captivating as a speaker, trainer, entertainer & workshop presenter. Presently Betty is the President of one of the oldest & largest Santa organizations in the Southeast, quite an honor, as no woman has ever been elected to Presidency of any Santa organization anywhere in the world before!  You will be learning or booking with the best!   In her Logistics class, she is able to not only keep your attention, but breath life into the otherwise dry topics of the Basics of Business, Santa Organization memberships, Santa Websites, entertainers & molestation insurance, background checks, W9, ICA, IRS & Corporate/Business Taxes,  creating & consummating the contract, & collecting final payment!  Mrs.B. is truly a true cutting edge instructor!    

The Curtain Call

In her state-of-the-art Specialty Sessions for Seasoned Santas, Mrs.B. shares her secrets on being the best Mrs.Claus or Santa you can be!  She has sessions for those just beginning to consider, and those already engaged in, the portrayal of the most beloved Christmas characters of all time-Santa and Mrs.Claus.  She will bring experts in specified fields to bring the best of the industries to her Santas & Mrs.for them to learn specialty skills from the best.  Whether it's sign language, hair whitening, wardrobe, becoming a Professional Christmas performer, stand alone bookings, or bookings for Santa & Mrs.Claus together, Mrs.B. (Betty Mocik Motter Claus) brings a new level of professionalism to the Santa Claus industry.

Her students are some of the best trained professional performers in the industry, & when she books one of her students for a hired position, the client can rest assured they are securing a highly qualified professional Christmas performer.


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